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I've been reading posts for a couple of days and figured it was time to say Hi! I just started Mystery Shopping in February. For the most part it has gone well. One of the first companies I shopped for was Coyle. That was a shock to the system. Shopping for Marketforce seems to go very smoothly. I see that others have had trouble with Intellishop and I'm curious if my experience is unique or typical.
I did a fast-food shop for Intellishop the other day. I could have sworn when I signed up it said to be completed on the 27th so I dutifully did my shop and got all of my pictures. It is supposed to be submitted within 60 minutes, so I immediately returned home to do the report. I was finished with the report, all 6 pictures were loaded, and I was ready to submit when I noticed in red letters, "this report can not be submitted until the 28th" and there was no button or prompt to submit. I emailed support and explained the issue. The next day I get an email that my shop was cancelled and it was reposted on the job board. I responded to the email and inquired as to what happened. The scheduler responded, " the report had to be submitted within 60 minutes". I explained what happened and that I emailed support. Her response was, "the report would not have told you not to submit until the 28th".

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is this a way for them to get out of paying?


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I have done better than 50 of these shops and have never had that happen. It sounds like you inadvertently clicked on the wrong day when self-assigning the shop. I've done that with other shops before, but never this particular one. You did exactly the right thing by emailing the scheduler and, had it been a different shop, they would have easily corrected it for you. However, the client (not Intellishop), in this case demands the quick turn-around of the report. So, even if the scheduler had fixed it that evening, the client would not have accepted the shop.

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A number of their shops say that it cannot be submitted until a certain date. Those are the ones that say that you have to wait a certain number of days for a follow-up.
There is not any required follow-up for fast food drive-thru shops.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Intellishop uses the Sassie platform as do many other MSCs. Sassie will not allow a shop to be submitted until the day it is supposed to be shopped. Based upon what the OP described, the Shop date was apparently the 28th, not the 27th. Therefore it could not be submitted on the 27th. When the 28th arrived, the shop could be submitted, but by then more than 60 minutes had passed since the OP completed the shop. The OP could have chosen to go back on the 28th and to do the shop again. I think it could have then been submitted.

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I quit this company because of my lack of spelling and there long winded reports. The dock your rating for everything and unless you can keep your rating above 8 you can not self assign. This were a great fees that they give but the money was not worth the headache with the Editors.
As I am ignorant of a 60 minute report window, please share so that I may avoid such assignments. My CRP does not have such a capability.
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