Ipsos is at it again -

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Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.

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I wish I could read that, Ipsos keeps rejecting a particular kind of shop and the editor seems to have no ideal what she is doing.
Blue Bank prints normally Helpful Hints cover page for shopper....the shopper MUST include a photo of it....
On 5/2, Blue Bank's IT department has a glitch, cover page won't print.
Shopper is highly confused and calls/emails IPSOS to report problem, waits for response, gets none for 24 hours, and, unfortunately, ends up submitting the shops past the 12 PM midnight deadline.... (4-6 AM)
IPSOS refuses to accept shops, no matter what....end of story...
IPSOS sends out email informing shoppers of the Blue Bank's IT issue on 5/3...now it is OK to submit the shop without the Helpful Hints cover page.
Shopper loses....what else is new?

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I had done a bank shop prior to the email and input the shop showing that there was a missing page, per their guidelines.
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