Has anyone done the casino overnight shop for HS Brands?

This shop is in BC and i have not yet worked for this company. Do they pay on time? I would be putting $1000 into the shop with travel, hotel and gambling requirements.

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There is a discussion elsewhere on their payment schedule.

Something like 60 days AFTER the end of the month in which you do the shop.

If they reverse charges, like for the hotel or whatever, shouldn't take that long.

Why not ask HS? They may have a different pay protocol for different shops.
Are you considering applying or did you get assigned?
If you have no history with them, the only way you're getting this shop is if they have nobody else to do it.
You might be worried about nothing. And yes, plan on waiting 60 days for reimbursement.
I have done overnight casino shops for them. They're detailed. If you like to gamble, it's nice to do it on someone else's dime. You will get paid. Supposedly the casino reimbursement comes from a different account. Hasn't helped the slow payment. If you don't mind having the money tied up and you like to play, it's okay. If your intent is to make money, there are far easier and faster jobs.

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