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Had a similar experience. Got the trade-in information, but I was dealing with a new salesperson who did not yet have business cards - he wrote his contact information on the back of another salesperson's biz card - I submitted a photo of the card with the new salesperson's contact information showing. Several weeks later, I got communication from AI that they wanted the front of the card photographed - I no longer had the card, so they did not pay me. It seems they look for an excuse not to pay you. Last shop I do for them.

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If you test-drove, they probably got the info from your driver's license. Much of our contact info can be found through internet searches anyway.

I actually did a shop for Automotive Insights on May 10, 2019 and had no problems. I was supposed to do a second but when I got there, I couldn't find anyone to assist me. I emailed my scheduler with summit and sent her a text which she responded to immediately but her name is Jenny, she's awesome to work with. I had no problem getting paid either last month.

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