Market Force blocked my account

The casual burgers get bonused in my area. Chinese fast food never gets bonused. But they are so good I take them anyway because if I don't someone else will. The apple one's sometimes get bonused, esp in a town an hour from here and their 2 for 20 deal is good enough for my husband and me to eat well. Sometimes when we do this particular Exxon we grab the huddle house 5 dollar deal meals for free *no shop no reimbursement. So apple is a great deal for us. I just have to do the typing, ugghh! Roast Beef fast food in my area never gets bonused either so I take them anyway as well,

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I have done the Chinese food shop when bonused several times and when it's not, I let someone else have it. I refuse to do the burger shops without a bonus and that's why I only do them a few times a year (the lack of those calories is a good thing for keeping my rear end from becoming the size of a barn). The FF restaurants have come a long way but still not willing to eat there on a regular basis, and never without a decent bonus. Basically almost all of their shops require a bonus for me to do them other than the grocery store shops.
I try not to do food shops, for other companies. Most require a narrative. I will do apple on occasion when it's bonused or I haven't done one in a while. I checked out the intelli chicken house shop and was absolutely appalled and canceled. The bookstore took me a while to get one because I had to figure out what price it gets taken for. The first time I scheduled it, then realized it was an entire assignment for a cup of tea, and zero shop fee, I about fainted and canceled. I said no way would I evalute all those departments for a cup of TEA! (or cocoa or whatever).The $7 dollar stations I usually do 2 local at the 7 prices so I get all the emails. Then I just sit back and wait for the emails, lol.
This happened to me after 7 years of Movie Trailer checking. No explanation of apology. I had previously worked in the mystery shop division and the same was done there after 3 years. I have been told that once you're gone're gone.
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Previously blocked poster has used numerous identities and IPs. Here's another.

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Previously blocked poster has used numerous identities and IPs. Here's another.

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Previously blocked poster has used numerous identities and IPs. Here's another.

If the area you shop at has a lot of shoppers, you’re more likely to get blocked for making small mistakes. In areas where there is less shoppers, they need you more so you have more room to do “bad things”, such as reschedule often or have rejected shops.

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I have seen many posts making this or similar comments about this company. Being banned from a company like this is significantly better than being thrown out of a leper colony.
I would rather get thrown out of a leper colony than thrown in one.

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@kimmiemae wrote:

Wow, 3 new forum names in one thread. That's got to be a new record for her.
I think it ties a record actually. Mental illness is sad.
I had been with market force for many many years and never had issues until last year when there was a glitch in one of my shops due the client's technical issue. The shop was invalidated and the "not my fault" was no excuse to them. They didn't care that I drove out of my way, spent my own money, and had been a long time shopper. So, that was the last shop I did for them for the rest of the year. My choice. Then this year they started offering me some bonuses for $40+ for some burger shops. Uuuummmm I'll take that!! Now I wait for the shops to bonus up or when they call me I state, I'll only do it for a $40 to $60 bonus (depending on the locations). I get the bonus I want about every three times. The others I just pass on... even when the call center Pilipinos plead with me and use their charm.
They had an "debut" shop for that client in a city about 22 miles from here, and since I go that way often, I took it. Loved the food, the shop was easy, and it got approved. But no other of those shops have appeared on the MF job board since then. Not sure if this is a franchise-type restaurant, and they decided not to participate or what. But I wish they'd come back!


They have some shops that I LOVE. One in particular is a healthy eats restaurant that is fairly new in my area and reimburses $15. I would eat there on my own dime. It's reimbursement only but that's great. It's about 14 miles from home. So, I get that shop assigned and then layer other shops there and back again. Win win.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
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