I highly recommend JANCYN as a MSC..

...they are very professional, good jobs, and good responses from the schedulers.

Anyone has any opinion?

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I have enjoyed working with their schedulers. It is always a bit puzzling to have the bonus hit my Paypal account a couple of days after doing a shop and then later get paid for the shop, but I can live with that smiling smiley A policy change with their client has made it much less interesting to work with them this year.
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I worked with them up until this year...had a fallout with them over 3 jobs, due to a change in schedulers. I now decided to give them another chance and am doing a breaksfast for them Tues. We'll see how it goes. The pay is reimbursement only, and they always come back with questions that you have already filled in..they are notorious for that. They have a big purchase and return job that you need to be careful about. That's one of their jobs we fell out over. When there is a problem, they are tough to work with.

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I've always enjoyed working with Jancyn. Of course, they don't have a lot available in my area. But I've found their folks to be easy to work with and eager to offer help to work around difficulties encountered during a shop.

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