Presto InstaShop - $10 Pick N Save, BP Signage Audits

I was told by multiple people that Presto instashop pays super fast and yesterday while working out of town my vehicle broke down ???? well it happened to break down in an area that had 8 of these super quick shops within walking distance! So i figured hell with it - im stuck for now anyways, this will help me make some quick cash to get a rental car to get home at least! Well i completed them around 8pm last night, all had been accepted/approved by 10-11 and now 12 hours later im still waiting on pay sad smiley they advertise to pay within hours.... does anyone have any experience with how quickly they have been paid for the same shops recently?

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Doesn't your insurance cover a car rental when you break down? That and a tow truck? I don't have any idea how fast Instashop pays, I haven't ever done one. I wish you luck!
I have been paid within 3 days but have done very few Presto shops so don't know the average.

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Hi Queenie,

Sorry to hear about your car!

Presto pays on Mondays and Thursdays (holidays excepted) so if your shops were approved last night you should see a payment tomorrow.

You can see more information about our payment schedule here: []-

If you wouldn't mind, could you point me to where you saw it advertised that we pay within hours?


Colleen (from Presto)
It varies by client I believe. The coffee one was paying within hours. As already mentioned, some have taken several days.

How easy was the shop? I almost took one, until I read all the requirements including the required purchase, observations, pictures and asking the cashier questions about the targeted program.

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I LOVE it when reps come in here and post in a helpful manner. It's also awesome when they identify themselves smiling smiley
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