GFK - IPSOS Photo Uploading Issues

Is anyone else having major issues with GFK - IPSOS shop photos uploading at a snail's pace and then timing out? I am trying to enter one of their need immediately reports with a photo and am stuck. I did email the scheduler as well.

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Do you have a smart phone? I don't know much about GFK's shops using a phone, but with IPSOS on their shopmetrics site, you can upload photos using the Mobi Audit app. I have 0 problems with uploading photos to that app. Of course, this may depend on your phone, too. I do have a newer Android phone thanks to my husband's insistence. It does make my shopping worklife easier.
Had the same problem with intellishop. The pictures wouldn’t load on the app and I kept getting the internet circle of death. Finally just gave up and cancelled the shop. The shop needed to be submitted within an hour.
I find on my desktop I MUST use Chrome to fill in reports for IPSOS.

No other browser works.

Hope that helps!!!!

(PS -- I have yet to master a single app for reports. I'm a tech dinosaur, and continue to do them on my PC. )

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