i'm trying to apply for open opportunities. It says that there are 191 opportunities available however only 37 of them seem to be appearing. I can't scroll any further and it says that there's only one page available when i try to change the page number. Am I being silly or is there another way to view all shops that are available?

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You may need to expand your shopping territory. I go 200 miles out so I see whats out there.
I have my distance on the maximum amount (144kms). It’s still only displaying 37 options yet its saying i have 191 opportunities.
Over on the left side of the screen, click on "Open Opportunities". A yellow/orange banner will appear over the listings. Click where it says "Click HERE to see all open opportunities". Then, when the listing appears, type in the 2 letters IN CAPS for the entire state, and you will see all the listings for that state. Make sure all the other slots are blank, like city and zip.

That's what I do, anyway.
I would go as far as to look on the map view for the area you are searching in. I travel in my life to begin with so I look from two points (basically 150 miles) and use this often to see what I can and cannot do.
I get shops that were due last year and one for a place that has been closed for 5 years or so as a backup shopper. I guess it would be an easy shop, Ah sorry place is closed here is the picture. and if it pays enough I could go and some pictures from the paper about them closing.
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