i know someone has posted about them before... but i cant find it on the search feature... thoughts on them?

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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I did work for them in 2008. I did cellphone audits. They pay really well. However, after doing the same kind of audit for six monthes, they got a new manager and asked me to redo all 12 shops in 24 hours, because of glare on a picture. The same glare that had been in my photos for six monthes before. By the way I live in Florida where its sunny. Up to that point I would say they were amazing, but costing me not to get paid, because they have a new rule and not letting me know.
I have been doing credit union assignments for them for over two years. Very reasonable questions, and the payment amount is fair. Sometimes highly bonused. Always promptly paid.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Do you know if they are still doing the burger chain with carhops anymore? They used to and I haven't seen the shops on their board in ages.
I did two shops for them, and just applied for two more, Ins. shops. They are a great Co., do not have burger shops near me...only financial and Ins.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping....
I did well over a hundred burger shops for them over the years. They are one of my favorite companies to work with. Nice friendly schedulers, clear instructions, and their forms are well written and clear, mostly multiple choice with narrative only needed to elaborate on negative answers. In my opinion all other MSCs should emulate DSG's paperwork.

Their credit union shops have very fair pay. In my case I was not a member of the local credit union, so they offered me a bonus + shop pay to sign up for an account, and then more shop pay to make a deposit.

I don't find their insurance shops to be worth it, because I had to wait for a call back, and do the shops with an imaginary address, so I had to be on my toes for a day, ready to use the imaginary address at any second. It was stressful and it takes a long time to do these shops even if you don't wait for a call back.

Overall they are great to work with. They are prompt at looking over papers and calling with questions (usually next day or the day after). They will bonus well if the location is out of your way. They pay reliably. And I have had rare occasions where a burger shop went totally skeewampus in such a way that the shop was invalidated, and they would at the least, reimburse me if the issue wasn't my fault.
I joined dsgi this week and had a pleasant conversation with a scheduler. But their site is somewhat frustrating as they only show available shops as, "Fast Food, City, time," etc. I live in/near a large city which makes these jobs somewhat hard to decide on, since they could be 3 miles away or 30. And they do not appear to allow self-scheduling. (At least not for newbies.)
Just curious if anyone really works for DSGAI. I have had two nice conversations with schedulers but find their method of phone calls instead of self-assigning cumbersome. And the schedulers have no absolutely idea how far from home they are asking me to go.
I have done two shops for them and found them a pleasure to deal with. Unfortunately they do not have that much in my area.
They have shop categories on their website. I can select it if I am interested. That notifies the scheduler. I then get a phone call where the scheduler explains the shop in detail. If I am interested they then email me the required docs (guidelines, etc.).
Thanks, computer man. This seems like such a lot of trouble when you live in or near a major city.
Eh, once you've done a lot of shops for them you get to know what's available. For the burger ones I would call and just ask them to assign a bunch for the next month. They'd give me 10 or so assignments through the month. If one or two didn't work for my schedule, I'd just email or call and ask to move them from Friday to Thursday or whatever.

Unlike certain other companies, DSG's schedulers actually read and respond to emails, so it's not a big deal.

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Yes, I have seen the client elsewhere and we do get wrapped up in our thoughts and state from time to time what we should not, so the reminder is friendly even if it seems like an act of aggression.
dsgai has both burger shops in my area.

But I am totally lost. I live in a suburb of a major city than spans some 650 square miles. How could it make economic sense to randomly choose 10 burger shops without knowing where they are? It's not a matter of fitting my schedule. They could quite easily be 60-90 minute round trips.
I don't know about dsgai, but most companies I have dealt with can deal with 'within 30 miles of zip code 12345'. But it sounds as though you need to have a conversation with the scheduler either by email or phone and mention the zips or areas you are willing to shop.
I have a 30 mile radius with them, and see only shops within that range. I check off what I want and get a phone call, not really difficult.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping....
Horrible company. I was a hero shopper for them but had one rude employee that treated me like dirt. When I complained, the company took the employee's side. Refuse to do business with them again. Glad that they no longer do the carhop burger shops, as I shop for the company that does.
Does anyone know the DSG pay dates or pay rotations by chance? Also, do they only pay via paper/mailed check?
stacbran Wrote:
> Does anyone know the DSG pay dates or pay
> rotations by chance? Also, do they only pay via
> paper/mailed check?

They take a long time to pay (45 days?) but do pay, by cheque. I have never had a payment issue with DSG.
They pay after 45 days, but expect checks every 2 weeks reliably. They always paid me well.

Not sure what Hoop is talking about since they don't have "Hero" citations that I'm aware of. They always avoided that unprofessional sort of talk when I dealt with them.
Is it common practice for this company to call you for "follow-up" questions a MONTH after the shop was completed?
Usually they would ask me follow up questions within the week. I only had follow up that much later when it was a really unusual shop.
What am I missing here?

I signed up for this company based on positive comments on this thread. I got an e-mail stating that following 4 shops are available to me. However, it has no details - no dates, no description, no pay rate, no address.

I called them and it seems one has to jump through too many hoops to even decide if you want to do the shop or not. Their pay is also towards the low end.

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I have done a couple of phone shops for insurance with them. Payment was quick and shops were easy. I will tell you it's best if you call them to get an open shop. I've tried twice on their website and I swear nobody looks at those. If you call you'll get better information and get signed up.
As others have stated, when you start shopping it can be confusing and/or cumbersome. After you've done a handful or more shops, it gets pretty easy.

I've done probably 30 of the car hop shops they used to have. I've done 4 or 5 insurance shops. I've done a few cell shops I think. I've also done quite a few of their campus intercept shops. All were reasonable pay for reasonable work. They always pay 45 days after your shop is complete. Their schedulers are easy to work with. I've never (knock on wood) had a call back for more information.

Overall, a great company in my opinion.
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