IPSOS/GFK Who Has and How Have You Completed these audits of electronic store

I thought "why not" steady income, close to home, regular and repeating work. There are two parts to the audit. In the first part, you must obtain and pass a background check and drug test. This is at your own expense. When there is no reason to doubt you will pass these tests you go ahead and pay for them. Also during this first part, you learn you must have a smartphone or tablet to complete the work. They state a preference for Apple but if not the device must run on Android. Amazon Kindle will not work. For me, this was a $575 investment because I chose to purchase a Samsung tablet. The background check-blood test was about $35.

After this step, the fun begins, especially if you prefer reading paper instructions and not a computer screen. I prefer paper and the printed guidelines are about 50 pages in full color. Another sunk cost. This is where the challenge begins. In my opinion, the marketing company should provide these guidelines before they set you up to make any investment. Perhaps you are familiar with some of the industry, store terms, or inventory terms used. I was not. Perhaps you are familiar with the devices you must use to complete the audit, I was not. They inform you when and where you are to use two of the devices required but are unclear as to when you use your own phone/tablet to input the reporting. If you knew what data was being captured by the devise it may be a bit easier. Frankly, the instructions do not even show what they look like.

I passed through the guidelines thoroughly in order to move to the test. I must have had a million questions about the guidelines but with no one to address them, I concluded you didn't need all the details. I was wrong.
I took a look at the test and decided I was never going to pass it. Up to this time I had requested scheduler assistance over and over and seemed to always be referred to the guidelines, website, or something. It was clear the scheduler did not have, did not want, or did not know, what I was asking. I asked about shadowing someone conducting the audit, was told that was possible, then, never assigned.

I feel certain this experience is unique to me and they have had shoppers fly through their process with colors, or they wouldn't still have the contract. I would be interested in hearing from anyone how they got through this to earn the audit fee (and reimbursement for tests). I would also like comfort from anyone who was as frustrated as me.

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I complete at least 7-10 of these Audits monthly. I love them. It takes me an average of 4 1/2 hours to complete them and the pay is good and you get paid fast. In the beginning the paperwork makes it look a little overwhelming, but I think the best way to learn what to do is to shadow someone. I have had people shadow me many times.
As far as buying that expensive tablet, that wasn't necessary. I have used a cheap $50 Prepaid phone for years, now I have a Samsung S10 but they both worked, as long as you have the memory. The $50 Prepaid phone from Boost only had 16GB and that worked fine.
Like I said I have been doing them for years and i still fail the test sometimes, I just have to go back and read through the questions better and then I will realize I failed cause I looked over something really quick.
The first audit took me 2 days, then after that, they got quicker and quicker.
After you get the hang of them they are a good program, with great schedulers and good pay.
Thank you for your response. It would defy reality to think someone didn't do them. I am happy you succeeded where I did not. Thanks for responding.
I know someone who does them regularly and gets travel fees to go out of state and do them in hard-to-fill locations. He is an actual employee of a store where he makes about $10 an hour so he thinks the money is great. I do some audits here and there, but I always wait until they are bonused enough for me to bother getting dressed and leaving home. To each their own, but this particular one is not my thing.
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