Summit scheduling and IPSOS gas station shops

I have gotten multiple emails from schedulers at Summit Scheduling about bonuses on gas station shops with IPSOS. I have emailed them back 3 times now requesting info about shop fees, dates, etc, and all I get back is a general description of the shops. I have told them multiple times that I can do MANY shops but need more info including how to assign. Unfortunately, when I go to IPSOS website, there are zero gas stations showing up. What do I have to do to get more info and sign up for these shops????


Well, no one has answered this post yet. I feel like I am in the mystery shopping twilight zone. Can someone simply post a link to the IPSOS gas station shops? I just want to do some visual and consumer audits, and for the life of me I can’t find them on what I think is the IPSOS website.

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If I were you I would try to tweak my settings in IPSOS. Are you using the shopmetrics site? That is where the gas stations are.
Take the certifications and update your filter and one or both of those actions may make the gas stations show up.

Here's the link I use: []

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Oh, gosh, are you on "ishopforipsos"?

(Oh, I see CQ beat me to it, LOL!)

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Thanks, guys! I think I figured out the problem. I was going to the correct site, but logging in under Sassie. I guess I had to register with Shopmetrics.
For some reason when i enter the url I use half the time I get both sites on the page so I can sign in for each one and now lately half the time I get only one sign in page. I thought maybe they had finally combined them but I still get both half the time.
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