Red Quanta shops??

Are there still issues with Red Quanta shops? Have they cleaned up their act? I recently signed up for some shops but I didn't know they were Red Quanta. They came in an email as delivery shops for free food.

I logged into their site and saw that I was indeed assigned. Has anyone done any shops for them recently? Has the payment been on time now?

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Red Quanta has been a topic on the forum since last year; look for the thread “Red Quanta” Some shoppers got paid after 6 months of chasing them and some never got paid. I don’t see the reason why anyone would work for them.
Miki opines--I don’t see the reason why anyone would work for them.

Bob comments--The only explanation would be a tendency toward being a masochistic shopper.
I refuse to shop for Red Quanta based on the horror stories I’ve read on the forum. I’ve had enough horror stories of my own with GapBuster and Informa.
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