Maritz Direct Deposit

I have found, I am being paid on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month and post to my account on that Friday (My Bank is Chase Bank) The following is from and email I received in February from admi.

"How our pay schedule works is if the visit is shopped and invoiced between the 1st and the 14th of the month, they pay the end of that same month providing they are invoiced by the 14th of the month. If they are shopped and invoiced between the 15th and 31st or whatever that last day of the month is providing it is invoiced by that last day of the month, it pays the middle of the following month. You only have 14 days, from day of completion to invoice the visits, so what we recommend to the contractors is as soon as you do the debrief report go ahead invoice the visit so that part of the process doesn’t get missed."

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