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I am confused. I get shops a few X/day from Ipsos, but when I go to log in, I am prompted to choose either of 2 logins. OK ? why 2 ? Also, jobs I get via email do not show up on board. I change my search perimeters, and a few jobs locally show up, but not the jobs I am emailed. Good company with attentive schedulers, but I wish there was an easier way to find and apply for jobs.

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I sign in on the left side of the page when there are two sign ins and I always see many of the jobs I am emailed. Some of them might have been assigned by the time you sign in especially if they had bonuses on them. Since they rarely bonus around here they are still on the boards when I look.
One login is for the old shopmetrics company and the other login is the Sassie site. When they took over GFK they renamed it and (apparently) left the site just like it was. You need to check both for jobs. I get emails from both sites. If you aren't finding the job on the shopmetrics site then check the Sassie (other one) because they might be there.
There are a handful of MSCs which offer shops on multiple platforms. The shops do not overlap.
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