How can I contact Ipsos?

Today I signed up and got a job to do in 2 days. When I tried to get back on their site all I can get is that I am not a member or get a new Password. I tried several times to change my password and it wouldn't work. How can I get in touch with some from Ipsos to get the problem fixed before my time runs out. I think it gave a scheduler name as Amber Dawn but I tried to write her and have not received an answer so I may have the name wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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So you got the confirmation email that you were assigned the shop, right? If you were assigned the shop and you emailed Amber, she should get back with you soon. Schedulers are busy and it might not be tonight, but hopefully she will get back with you tomorrow.
Since Amber is with Summit and not direct with Ipsos, I agree that she'll get back to you. Good luck of it were an in-house scheduler or you had to contact somebody at Ipsos. They apparently don't want their shoppers to bother them.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I did get confirmation of my job. I have been trying to download the Mobi Audit app. I can't go any further because of the password problem. does the Mobi Audit app have to be used with each job or does anyone know. I might have to just cancel the job if someone dosn't get back to me tomorrow, sure don't want to do that. Thanks to all who replied .
You can't use the Mobi Audit app with Sassie. It only works with Shop Metrics. No, you don't have to use Mobi Audit, it is not mandatory. You can go "old school" and record the answers on a printed form and then enter them online when you get home. It comes in handy when you are doing shops via their Shop Metrics side, though.
I am glad to hear that I can go ahead and do the job old school but still have to be able to get into the site to report the job. Probably hear tomorrow and then no problems :-)
Yes, I would think so. It is really weird that you can't use the "forgot password" function.
It got so close to time to do the job that it was canceled or I would have been late for another job. I will try to reschedule when it comes back around. Thanks for all the advice and help you all have been.
thats right. The big I just gives you the runaround. No wonder no one wants to do their shops. I did one and NEVER again.
I do lots of shops for them and have for several years. Just becsuse a few schedulers are slow to respond doesn't make them a bad company. Most of their schedulers are from an oitside company anyway.

@justme5 wrote:

No wonder no one wants to do their shops.
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