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There are some interesting dining shops in my area from this MSC. Does anyone have any feedback? I did use the search function but nothing really came up.

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Ok company. Pays in the mid range...not ever late....can be a little wonky on the scheduling side...
I have shopped with them many times. They are very friendly and helpful. They pay on time and the reports are reasonable.
I don't often see shops with Advanced Feedback, but the few times I have worked with them they have been accessible, communicative and professional.
Excellent. And great pay in my neck of the woods. I only wish they had more shops. And that more MSCs were as friendly and professional as AF.
Thanks all, it does look like a good company and suddenly they have lots of shops in my area.
I did two shops for them when I was town and wished that they had shops in my area. Good company from what I can tell.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
Pretty good MSC. I've been working several years with them. The schedulers are usually quick to respond (via email), and payment is between 30-60 days.

The only thing that I don't like is their editing fee ($15 on a $60 video shop) if applicable. That's a bit obscene, in my opinion.
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