Phone call/gym shops

I have been hesitant about posting this as I thought and hoped it would resolve on its own, but it just happened again. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this. I have done several shops where I have to do a recorded call to ta gym and then do a physical visit. 95% of the time, the call goes off without an issue. As I have done o many, I know the script. I listen while they go through it. Some sound more natural than others, but the questions on the report simply ask if certain things were mentioned and that is all.

Every single time the associate does not follow the script, I get an email from the evaluation department that it was my fault and I must redo the call. They always state that I asked the wrong question. The question I am supposed to ask is written in the report. I ask it word for word.

It happened again today. I listened to the recording. My exact words were "I'm thinking about joining the club." I got an email telling me I have to redo the call and this time "When you make your call, let the staff member know that you are thinking about joining the club." I did.

After too many of these, I am extremely frustrated. These are easy and good paying shops, but I just feel they only want good reports. Every single report where the associate does not do what he or she is supposed to, I am told I need to redo it. I would think the company would be more interested in finding out that their associates are not doing what they should be. Has anyone else experienced this?

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