Signed up with Confero but available shops require 7 rating and they start you off with a 5

Wondering how I can ever sign up for a job with Confero? This is the first time I’ve seen one of their jobs on the Presto App. I applied, and it had me sign up with them. I did so, and then it said I was rejected because I don’t have a 7 rating (they start you off with a 5 if you’ve never accepted a job with them before). I could perform this job quite easily, as I have knowledge about the products the store sells. If they have very few jobs in my area, and they all require a 7 or higher rating, I will never be able to work for them. Disappointing.

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They are really nice. They're Southern. Don't panic when you get an 8 or a 9 on the report. We all get 8's and 9's. It's their thing.
They are really, really nice. Just outline your shopping experience with the other companies.
You might have to wait for them to email you with a shop request. When you do receive one, reply to the scheduler that you are interested in doing the shop. Do the shop well and you will get a 8/9 rating and thus will be able to self-assign. So far all the schedulers I dealt with have been epic.
@ceasesmith wrote:

They are really, really nice. Just outline your shopping experience with the other companies.

I emailed the scheduler listed with the shop I wanted including about a sentence and a half about my experience. Next thing I knew I was scheduled. Took a day or two I think.
I looked 50 miles out, and that is the only shop in my area. I would think they would want shoppers to take it. No one ever called me back from yesterday morning, and no e-mail contact is listed on the job itself. Anyone have an e-mail address for a Confero scheduler?
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