Got this e-mail this morning.

I am not questioning your integrity, but honest mistakes are mistakes nonetheless.

I just back tracked all of my sent e-mails to you over the last few months. They are all attached. These date back less then 5 months. I’m counting 9 different incidents where mistakes occurred.

This should have been spotted sooner by me. We can’t have you continue to shop Circle K locations. These errors are putting us in jeopardy with the client.

I am pulling the 14 remaining shops that are currently in your inbox.

Thank you,

Matt Dumas

They pulled the shops i just did yesterday and was starting to report today. I drove to Indianaoplis from Cincinnati.
All there incidents where mistakes were fixed by a reciept.

My last e-mail was:

You put the wrong lottery terminal numbers down for =he following two reports:

714 =st1confused smileytreet w:st="on">W. Main =t., Austin, IN


1660 N. State =t., =orth Vernon, IN

Can you please e-mail me the tickets for these =ocations?

Thank you,

"All the world is a stage so let Me do My part."

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Oh yeah i know your going to ask,
i've done 192 shops for them.

"All the world is a stage so let Me do My part."
IF you want to continue working with them, I would give Matt a call or an email after doing some research. I am assuming that the 192 shops done are within the same time period as the 9 questions, and it is the quality of those questions that counts. 9/192 is a 4.6% 'error rate', which is high, so you need to review those 9 incidents.

1) Has he had the same issue twice?
2) Did most of the questions 'cluster' around when you were first starting to do work for them?

You mention that all mistakes were fixed by receipts. What is the pattern there (if any) and what proactive steps can you take to assure him that you are now 'on your game' so they will not occur again?

Think it through and have a civil discussion with him because evidently he needs you if he is sending you out to the hinterlands.
I guess i should state i'm a human.
4.6% defects.
Name me a company or a person with 0.0% defects?
If we reported o defects,ther would be 0 editors.

"All the world is a stage so let Me do My part."
My comments were not personal. We all goof up and sometimes we are called on it and sometimes it is let pass (or not spotted at all). From Matt's viewpoint, you are a 4.6%, which is why it is important to look at where the problems came from. New-to-them shopper is much more likely to have errors than more experienced shopper for them. Errors can be due to poor instructions or carelessness or just plain flubs or unrealistic expectations (like typing a large number of nonsense 28 character combinations of numbers and letters). Once you have done your own evaluation of what the issues have been, then it makes sense to have the conversation with Matt if you want to keep shopping for the company.
For a four hour round trip route Indy to Cincy I never found them to pay enough of a route fee to make it worth it.
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