Anyone else having trouble with the Ipsos search area?

For example, when looking within 90 miles of my Georgia zipcode I get shops from NY, CA, and OH as well as my area. These aren't phone or anywhere shops, they are for particular businesses located at a particular address. It makes me wonder if I am missing local shops!

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I find that putting in the state in addition to the zip code and search radius is necessary on some Shopmetrics-based sites. Otherwise I run into the same problem as you.
More crickets here. No support. No email answers. Nuthin'.

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Same here! Thanks for helping us get it sorted, I just shrugged! smiling smiley

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I, too, have had issues searching for shops. The available shops will show up in some searches but not in others. I now use the map function to look for shops. Hoping IPSOS fixes this at some point so that all shops in my area show up.
Glad to know it wasn't just me. I get search results from coast to coast for a 100 mile radius. Never had to put the state in the search parameters before to get accurate results.

Yes. I live on the northeast coast, but would get shops for California, Maryland, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, and other states no matter how I tried to limit or filter the info. I thought it was just me!
I have always had to put in the state in order to limit the shops. click on the right side where it lists a number in the thousands for open shops, then add the state in every time and it only works if I use the two letter abbreviation for my state, check to make sure my zip is still there and my radius, click on update filter. Yes a pain but the only way not to get shops across the world.
My issue is not being able to sign in to Shopmetrics alone. When I sign in I often get the GFK site or a site that says there are no jobs at all....I have to keep trying to find the right one with the jobs on Shopmetrics. I even downloaded the link Jasmaflt sent a few days ago. It worked that day but today tells me there is no access.

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