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I just got banned from this site after 5 years. I tried to get two shops rescheduled two weeks out??? Is this legal?

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You are not an employee who can be hired or fired, you are rather an independent contractor who can be engaged or disengaged without recourse. You've just been disengaged.

Think about it. If I engage a plumber to come in and replace a faucet for me, am I required to use him/her for any future plumbing? If I decide that the plumber did not perform up to my expectations (timeliness, quality of work, tidiness of clean up, price, attitude etc.) do I have any legal obligation to let him/her bid on future work or perform future work for me or even know if I have further needs?

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I think it sucks if they gave no reason, and after five years, not on the same page as hiring a plumber who you don't know. I have something like this going on, they won't answer my emails asking why I can't get a job I had been doing for years. I can only think it is my age, and that's fine, just have the integrity to answer and say client wants a younger demographic, I get it. Throwing a long time shopper away isn't right under any circumstances,
but it is legal.

Live consciously....

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