Service Sleuth and their Payment Cycle

Well - they really have speeded things up dramatically. This was a company that I was this close to calling it quits with due to the 90 plus day payment cycle on very high dollar shops. As everyone knows, they recently pledged to speed things up. My November shop was paid within 60 days - so I thought, GREAT, they are really doing it.

Well, I am very happy to report that I just got paid for a Service Sleuth shop 10 days after completing it! I was so shocked I about fell out of my chair. And it is much appreciated because the total payment/reimbursement was over $1,000 (I do think there was some mention that shops with high dollar reimbursements would be paid sooner - so this may not reflect others' experiences).

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My last Oct. shop for them was paid in 3 months. I never took the larger reimbursements, but now, I will.

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Flash Wrote:
> Yes, early November was paid early
> February--exactly on day 90.

My 11/22/10 shop was paid 2/3/11. 71 days-much better than it used to be, but I am not knocking myself out to shop for them, as it is usually $40-100 OOP on a lot of their jobs.
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