Green IPSOS shops

Hello I noticed that the Green Dark Audits were just released. Well in the conference call today they said we could pick up as many as we thought we could complete in 48 hours. Well after I reached 39 shops, I can no longer see any more of them. Is this because there IS a limit? Anyone else having this issue?

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Then I just received this email:


Dec 30 at 6:20 PM

Hello! We noticed that you have claimed 40 shops for a new program starting January 2. This is far too many shops for you to actually complete in the 24 hours allotted, so please, follow the instructions below to release all shops that you will not complete in the 24 hours starting the morning of January 2. Failure to do so may result in removal from this program or banning from the Presto platform.

In the phone call today they said we have 48 hours. I have emailed them. I am really confused right now LOL.

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I have emailed IPSOS and haven't heard anything from them but Presto wrote this back:

The mystery shopping communicated to us that they wanted shoppers to only claim 15 shops at a time. Once a shop is submitted, you can claim another one, and there is no overall limit to the number of shops that you can do but because of issues with shoppers claiming shops and letting them expire, the mystery shopping company has asked that shoppers only claim 15 shops at one time. This setting will be enforced on these shops in the future.

I have in my notes from the conference call today that we can pick up as many as we wanted.

Anyone else in the call today?
Yeah I asked them to give me until tomorrow until I talk to IPSOS. But I swear they never said anything about any limits.
There's no way I could do 15 in one night. Hats off to anybody who can.

I took 2 and I'll see how it goes with this new format. It says you have to start the shop with an Android or iPhone. Not sure what that means. I hope I can take photos outside the app and report it later on laptop.

@SoCalMama wrote:

It sounds like you can do as many as you want, but you can only claim 15 at a time.
They are really easy once you get the hang of them, I have been doing them for at least 6 years. Since it gets dark just after 5pm, I have no problem getting 15 done in a night.
I've done two rounds, 4 or 5 a night, but I took the pics, went home, and reported the shop on my laptop. It might be even easier with Presto but I'm starting with just a couple to see how Presto works.

Right now I'm trying to find the link to the authorization letter. No luck so far.
I thought I claimed several but received a message that they've reached their limit for this round. It appears that they may be limiting the number that can be done at a time - maybe for editing's sake? It's not big deal that it's local and I'll do them at the end of the week so I'll see if more open up after that.
Hey everybody! The 15 shop limit is the number of shops you can have claimed and INCOMPLETE at one time. There is no overall limit, but you can only claim 15 shops at a time. Once you have submitted a shop, you can claim another, to a maximum of 15 at one time.

(if you have questions or concerns about the shop limits, they are probably best addressed to Ipsos rather than to us or on this forum - Ipsos sets the limits, and they are the ones who decide if they will be changed)

- Mary from the Presto team
I claimed 15 and then could no longer see any of them this afternoon. I'll see what happens after doing those.

Yeah, no reason I couldn't do 15 in a night as early as it gets dark and how close together most of them are in my area. As it is I am planning to do half each night though. We do have 48 hours correct? That's what the app said, but now I see someone saying they wrote back saying 24...
Well, I'd love to do them -- but I couldn't get enough to warrant a drive that far. And they are so far apart (40-80 miles) I don't see how I could do more than 2 or 3.

Good luck to you all.
This is a bit off-topic but can you please tell me how to communicate with Presto shop? I would also like to know if there is some way to find out what companies I have been registered within the app. Do you know of a way to find this info out? Thanks for any help you can give me.
The shops I've claimed allow 48hrs to complete. I just picked up a few since these are new for me. Instructions say to take pics across the street/off property. I've noticed some locations don't have anywhere to go or pull over across the street! They're heavily wooded areas or grassy fields with no vehicle or pedestrian access.

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I cannot find the LoA either. (They are now available.)

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Well I had assigned 19 jobs for the first night and then 14 for the second night. We were told on the call and in an email we had 48 hours to complete them. Well got the first 19 done, went to leave for the second night and all my shops were gone. I wrote Presto and they said the 48 hours wasn't inputted right away, so I lost those jobs. Really? I hope this doesn't hurt my rating! I still cannot get a hold of anyone at IPSOS with any of my questions, but I am sure they are getting a lot of emals!
And I really don't understand the 15 shop limit! I got 19 done in one night easily and proved that to them. I wish they would lift that!
I'm finding these shops to be a PITA. I've never done them before and perhaps I'm wasting too much time trying to get perfect pics. I'm using the Open Camera app which seems to help some but the MID pics have been difficult. The illuminated pricing numbers always come out blurry and I always need to take several pics from different angles and fiddle with the camera settings. In theory these seem like easy shops but every single one of the 10 that I've completed have had infractions which require extra pics. It's come to the point where I'd pull up to a station and say "awe shite!" If I had a better quality camera on my phone I think it'd be easier. Maybe. Because It also took several attempts to get good crisp and clear pics (in the dark) of something that's not illuminated. I'm not doing any more until I find out how stringent the photo requirements are. And really, it seems to me that night time audits should offer premium pay. Oh well. Plenty of worker bees using the Presto app.
I didn't have any trouble completing 18 of these in one night. I was out for.. well, around 10 hours, but in that 10, I had to potty the dogs twice (they went with me). And I swang through a drivethru. And I got lost once. And if none of that had happened, I did do just under four hours of drive time in the route. The first five or so were fiddly, while I was getting used to them and then the rest went pretty quick.

Depending on how close together they are, and/or where they are (traffic related), it would be conceivable to do 40 of these over two nights. I had *a lot* of drive time on my route, and still managed 18.

It also let me claim 18, so I'm guessing maybe they lifted those reqs. I had 48 hours to do them.
It still keeps cutting me off at 15. And they were right about switching these to Presto, almost all mine in my area, my regular shops, are almost gone. Sucks bad! I usually make at least an extra $1000 in January with these. I will be lucky to make over $500 this time. And it's only the 5th. I have a feeling that it's going to be just like this with the other 2 green shops. Ugh. And hopefully no one waited until there call on the 6th to start, cause they will be disappointed.
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