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Anyone noticed the drop in available shops? I'm beginning to think it might be my account. I specifically don't see the discount stores anymore. Let me know if you guys are seeing those in your area.

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I’ve noticed the same. In past years the stores were not shopped over the holidays. Hopefully they will post again soon.
There is always a lull right at the beginning of the year for many MSC's - including Jancyn. I did receive multiple emails in the last two hours from them telling me about apartment shops they had available.

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No, I really like to do those discount shops and there are none listed. That said, Jancyn only oversees the audits of the discount stores and no longer the purchase and return shops. Another MSC took over the purchase and return shops, but I can't remember who. Does anyone know?
I'm not seeing them for my area either, so switching to apartment shops for now. Hope they come back later in the month or February.
I shop for Jancy, there are only a few shops in Massachusetts. Their shops are mostly in New Hampshire.
Shopper8, I believe with this MSC it is where you are located. They are talking about a discount store client which is not in NH. The clients that Jancyn has here are the ones it received when it merged with Customer Perspectives, which is mostly a credit union, and there are plenty of those shops available in NH.
I was wondering the same thing. Last year I got offers from Jancyn all the time but the last 2 months - nada. I just figured it was end of the year stuff and hopefully things will pick up.
The client in question (a national discount retailer) takes a scheduled break from mystery shopping every year at this time & the next batch of assignments will be released in a little less than 2 weeks.

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No I am not. I saw a job request about 6 months ago, but that the first one in atleast a year. Don't think I did any in 19 and if I did it was early 19
If it is the same one I'm thinking about, I have enjoyed doing it and I look forward to the e-mail soon smiling smiley I hope it;s the P& R part smiling smiley

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A few audits showed up in my area but were picked up quickly. I also liked the P&R shops but have not seen those posted.
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