Hi all.
Any shop pros out there?
I'm still fairly new.
I'm writing because I recently was given an assignment with Ath and they cancelled my shop after I already worked it. Is this the norm?
This was my first with them.
I wrote the schedulers, twice but no response.
Thank you

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Was the shop completed as per the instructions ? Was the shop report submitted, along with the required pdf's ?
I have never had that happen in dozens of shops.

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I did not even get a chance to submit everything yet. That is what was puzzling. I finished like other shops, but yet, I did not even get the opportunity to submit anything. When I came home, the cancellation was in my email after completing the shop. I have written the schedulers thrice, but no reply, so I have to assume that they aren't to be relied upon.

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Watchin4- You stated that you didn't get a chance to submit it yet. When were you supposed to submit the shop? ATH is reliable. Did you follow the instructions, was the date you shopped correct? We need more information to help you. I have worked for ATH for about 13 years.
I remember someone else posted about this once. They were paid for the shop. Ath is a reliable company but not always quick to respond. The one thing about Ath is that they do not always give the usual 12 hours to submit the report. They want it right away. I have never had them cancel a shop on me for doing it at the end of the day.

How long has it been since you sent them an email about this?
Yes, I posted about this, they cancelled it even after I'd received the reminder to do it. But I was able to get them to cancel the cancel! Reach out to the scheduler - more than once if necessary.

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If I have a shop assigned to me ... and I don't get back to them soon enough to let them know what day I have officially set up an appointment with a bank, they have cancelled my shops before.
greenwhite11 , Thank you for your comment, but this was NOT the case!
I'm pretty diligent. I even wrote them 3 times with NO reply.
Needless to say, it did not work out. Let's just say then that they did not work for me.
I thank everyone who replied however, I will no longer be following this topic.
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