SeeLevel HX Auditing Program

Hey all, I recently got an email from a scheduler with SeeLevel HX about an auditing opportunity with them. It came from a scheduler I've worked with in the past so it seems legit, but upon checking the SeeLevel job board on Sassie, I don't see any audits posted.

I'm thinking about applying but wanted to ask the community about it. Does anyone currently do this? Is it consistent and worth the time required? Also, the email says M-F open availability is required. Are they flexible with scheduling or do they really require you to do audits every week M-F?

Thanks for any info in advance!

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I asked the scheduler about it and they require you to be available M-F. It essentially is a "full-time" contract position.
I got the scope, you have to do 70 locations per day and each scan she said is about 50 seconds. Stores are supposes to be close to one another. If this is the situation and you are working 7-8 hours and the pay is only $75 per day (and the dock you $1.00) if you don't make the 70 scan requirement, in the state of California at least this comes to below or at minimum wage. And you have to be available 5 days from like 8-7PM or something like that.
I saw that too. But check out what they mean by close to each other. Most msc seem to think locations in my state are close to each other. The other end of the state is almost a thousand miles away but i still get emails all the time with the headline that they have a shop in my area. Even if close 70 locations? drive, park, stop, get out, get back in, drive again and repeat 70x in a day every day does not sound appealing.
Thanks for the input guys. I got the info after inquiring, too, and I agree. I drive a newer vehicle, but I don't even want to begin to think of the kind of wear and tear I'd be putting on it just shutting it off/starting it again 70 times per day, just to make minimum wage.

Not to mention, the fact that they threaten to dock your pay right out the gate as well as a lot of language in the instructions was really negative, such as "we'll know if you game the system". Who even wants to work for a company that pays you garbage for an unpleasant contract, then on top of that is basically saying "we'll be watching because we don't trust you", before you even start....

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