Wonder what will happen with this reimbursement...

I completed a shop for Coyle at a great little bar/lounge. They offer the evaluation as a scored and subjective assignment, and if I can get my hands on the subjective, I always do. Easier report and less times/details required.

As such, the subjective reimbursement amount is usually less than the scored reimbursement. So instead of say $90, you can only spend $60 for reimbursement. Still a deal.

However, when I took this particular shop, the max reimbursement was listed at $85. When I logged in to do the report, the form says under Reimbursement Requested “the maximum is $60, including tip.”

This detail wasn’t in the guidelines or listed anywhere except for within the report itself. So, I screenshotted where I saw it say $85 and send an email to support. Of course, I’ve already completed the assignment and overspent the $60. In the meantime before they respond to my email, I submitted the evaluation.

Anyone have ideas as to what might happen? I don’t really want to be out the $22 extra I spent, but who knows what they’ll say.

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I had a $30 bonused Coyle shop (from the board/email) show up as $15 on the report.

A quick email to support@coylehospitality.com got it fixed ASAP.

Good luck.
I've had that happen to me before with a few companies. As long as I had the screenshot, I always got paid what was originally mentioned.
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