Maritz invoicing help please

Hello all,
I am filling out my first invoices and here’s my I include the gas purchase with my in store product purchase? Or just the store purchase? I know, I’m overthinking this ????????

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Hi, thanks for responding! I did end up calling Maritz and I was told to just include the max reimbursement amt (usually $1-2.50). The fuel is automatically added by them. But she said not to worry as they review each one anyway ????.
jamirentko Was this a mystery shop & reveal? How long did it take you to complete this shop? I signed up for a few shop & reveal next month with Maritz. I was just able to get into review the job requirements today and it looks pretty involved.
No. Those don’t start until Feb. I think the extra involvement is just taking an individual pic of each pump. I did get my answer to the original question though. Hope that helps.
If it was their "Blue" gas station, you must include the dollar amount of your gas purchase (maximum is $5.00) plus your shop purchase (maximum is $1.00). If it was the "yellow' gas station, include the gas purchase (maximum is 2 gallons of regular gas) plus the shop purchase (maximum of $2.00).

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