Missing payment and no response from Intellishop

I completed a shop for Intellishop in October. On my shopper log, the shop is showing has having been paid in November but nothing came through in my Pay Pal account. I have sent messages to the scheduler and general inquiry box but no response. Strange as I have shopped for this company for about four years now.

Wondering if there's any insight or similar experiences from the community here.

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What’s the best number? I’m actually chasing one from them, too, and have not gotten any response from my emails to the address they list.

@KA047 wrote:

Call them.
Intellishop is actually very willing to take phone calls from shoppers.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Yes, I agree about email non-response. The schedulers I dealt with were quick to interact and respond only when they needed information or feedback from you. I wound up calling and the phone was answered every time. I think I called the number under the scheduler's email, there was an extension number. I don't have any emails hanging around. Try 866.234.1423.
Update on my end: I received an email response this morning from payments@intelli-shop.com

They stated that my shop had been marked as "not approved for pay," though there had been no indication of this to me or on my shop log. They suggested I contact my scheduler for further questions. I did so and got a response within two hours.... Apparently, my shop had been marked "not approved" in error. This has now been remedied and I will be paid for it on my next statement. (I was fine with this as it is a relatively small amount - more of an annoyance than anything.)

Had I not caught it, I would likely have never seen the money. It's just one more reason to keep records and watch payments carefully. smiling smiley

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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