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Has anybody had problems with Service Check? I did 5 shops for them and they threw out all 5 saying that I didn't elaborate enough. None of the other companies I shop for have problems with my reports. I was deactivated also from Service Check. I told the that was OK becuase I have schedulers calling me to do shops for them because they know I'll get it done.

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I have worked with them on and off over the years when they had clients in my area. Their reports are high detail, but they do give narrative samples of what is expected, so I have no problems with that.
I do a couple shops for them, and agree that reports are alot of work for the money, the pay time is slow, and their grade system is rough, other than that, there fine.....on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 6.

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Thing that gets me is I jumped through all their hoops and reported on every no. I don't know what more I could have done for them.
I've only done two shops for them, but so far, so good. This is one of those companies that wants you to report on the full experience, including everything on the form in the narrative, not just "no" answers -- could that have been the problem?
I've only shopped with them once, they have very little in my area. Like Flash said, they want their reports to have a lot of detail. With the writing sample they provide though, you can see what is expected.
I did. I went through step by step what happened. I don't know what else they wanted. I did all the "He said. She said" Did they want to know how many steps it took to get from the bedroom set to the matresses? Geeze.
Can't imagine what it could have been! On one level, I guess it doesn't matter, now that you won't be shopping for them, but to not be paid for 5 shops has got to sting. I dunno...maybe it's just me, but I'd pursue it, in the hopes of at least getting a more involved explanation. (You know, like the more involved narrative they wanted from YOU! :-)) And if not with the editor (who seems to have written you off), the project manager. In all seriousness, if it was just a case of more narrative, I'm surprised they didn't put the shop into incomplete status, and be more specific about what they need, and give you the opportunity to provide it.
That's the thing they kept sending it back to me. I checked and double checked my answers. I ddn't see any answers I didn't address. The person who called me on this matter was very snobbish and didn't let me finish stating my case so, oh well, I don't want to sit and argue over something I'm not going to win at. It got to the point she was yelling and when it gets to that point nobody is listening to anybody. They had their minds made up. I don't know why they even accepted me as a shopper because I sent in one of my narratives from another company and they hired me. I haven't changed my style. You would think that they would have rejected me as a shopper if my narrative was not elaborate enough for them. I just wanted to know if anybody else had any problems with them but I see that for some reason this is personal. Sure wish I knew what went wrong.
I remember doing a oil change/car wash and it was raining out so couldn't do car wash. Got a 72 hour time frame for car wash, but it rained whole time. My report got accepted, but I got a 6 rating...ouch! I was determined to bring up score, did another shop and got a nine. I would call them and straighten it out, so at least you know why shops were not accepted.

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I did call and the woman was so snobby. I asked what I did wrong and she kept saying, "You have to be more elaborate." I asked "How can I be more elabortate? I did all the he said she said. Then she said, "Well we didn't have to contact you. The evaluator could have just thrown your report out and not let you know." Who's to say they didn't use my report? Like I said I have no problems with other companies. I usually get 10/10.
Usually when they say elaborate, they want a story painted and within that story give your details and facts. Bottom line is say more. I believe their instructions say, report will not be used if you under write....I'm thinking that's what happened to you.

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At least I didn't get deactivated for being dishonest so I can hold my head up and go on witout them. I did a good job. They were just too picky. I did what they wanted. Like I said, "Oh well I don't need them because I only did two kind of shops for them. I have other companies that are perfectly happy with my reports. That being said I have to get to my reports for my shops I did today.
I just did my first 2 shops for them last week and had no issues and got 10/10 on both reports. They were a little bit of work, but both reports pretty much laid out examples of the narrative they wanted and I just used that as a guideline. Both of the shops I did were bonused and I don't think I would take another shop from them if it wasn't due to the work involved.

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And unless I am mistaken, the shops in my market have had a fee increase for 2011. Kudos to Service Check for that as I have seen no fee increases elsewhere. One shop has been raised from $10 to $15 and another from $7 to $12.
Flash, your right...they have a family restaurant here with no fee and a tremendously long report. I see they now pay a $15.00 fee (first time) so, my rating of SS goes from a 6 to an 8.....and good for them, maybe this will set the way for better things to come.

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No this is not personal. I also had a major problem with an editor for Service Check.

The editor maintained that I did not follow the directions regarding the restroom. I double checked the directions. As a school teacher I would be fired for expecting my students to follow such confusing guidelines. However, editors have the power and some with Service Check have some real issues.

I refused to re-shop and will never shop for them again. They have a terrible time getting anyone to take a fast food spot that is close to my home. It would be an easy shop but just not worth the lack of respect and professionalism. Stick with companies that value the service your provide.
Thank you, EddyLee, because everybody else seems to tell me I'm the one who didn't do a good enough job for Service Check without reading my narative. I even got the shop out the other day and compaired my narrative to theirs and I didn't miss a thing. Would the first letter of your evaluator's name begin with "C"?
No "C" in my evaluators name. There are so many good companies just keep refusing work to those that are unreasonable. Service Check was the most difficult of any company I have dealt with. I am with around 300 companies. This is a challenging line of work. Everyone that I work with I expect to be respectful and professional. I will in turn provide a professional, well written report. Hang in there.
I'm working on getting as many companies as I can. So far I'm being kept very busy. I don't need Service Check. I have schedulers calling me and sometimes they even find me two or three shops if it's too far for me to go.
Just did report for them and at the end you are supposed to give your narrative, but, there is no place for ends. Wrote to them, should I submit it, so far I have just saved it and it's not due till tomorrow. I hope I hear something.

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As far as I'm concerned I'm through with them. I have plenty of other shopping companies that are keeping me busy. It just makes me mad that I worked so hard for them to have them deactivate me. They kept sending my narrative saying I didn't address the nos. I printed out my narative because I write every narrative on Word and I addressed the nos. The evaluator just couldn't read. What was I supposed to do put like Q1, etc., befroe all the no answers? Good luck with them.
Irene_L.A. Wrote:
> Just did report for them and at the end you are
> supposed to give your narrative, but, there is no
> place for ends. Wrote to them,
> should I submit it, so far I have just saved it
> and it's not due till tomorrow. I hope I hear
> something.

I had the same problem with 2 shops I did today, Irene. I went ahead and submitted, wanting to be sure they knew I had done my part, and I sent an e-mail to Kate telling her I have the comments done and will either add them to the report when they get it ready or e-mail them. I tried to remember and am not sure but I think Kate does not work weekends so that's why I submitted.
AustinMom, thanks, I will now submit it...just crazy having no place to write the long narrative they require. I wrote to Kate 3 times, but think your right and won't hear from her till Monday. I'll just submit, thanks again.

edited to say...they emailed me this morning to say problemfixed, I just submitted my narrative, no problem, all done!!

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Well, I'm on the verge of not accepting anymore. I just did for the umpteen time the same job. I wanted to get a 10, wrote an excellent (I thought) report. I get a email (7 days later), saying to correct two things, of which one was already in the report. The second I needed to correct, I typed a 4 instead of 5 (date), and corrected it. I went over this report with a fine tooth comb, no spelling errors. I get my review for a 6....what saying they had to correct spelling errors. I wrote and asked how many points they deduct for one error, waiting to hear..... 7.00 fee, 10 reimbursement, I'm so done!

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Long time shopper. I am doing my first with very little pay. If this goes wrong I will be done. I am already regretting taking the job. Oh well live and learn. It often depends on the scheduler and editor. Do not loose sleep over this otherwise it will take time from other shops. If you have not been paid, go after it.
I have always gotten paid and ranged between a 7 and 10...hoping this last shop would bring me a 10, this was very unfair. Not losing sleep, but wondering why they are so tough and the reasoning behind it. I do a couple
shops for them monthly, pay is low, slow and editors looking for mistakes that
are not there give me room for questioning. Their reports are not that difficult, but their editors are. I got an email trying to explain the problem, but not from the editor who remains behind closed doors. For the
first time in 6 years, I'm thinking maybe editors get more $$ for finding more

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I have been working for SC since September 2011 and I love working for them. I have performed a total of 15 shops to date with an average rating of 10 but I have received a few 9's here and there. Yes, they require a lot of narrative but that seems to be my niche. :-)

BTW, Kate does not work weekends but if you send her an e-mail over the weekend, she does not "punish" you for it and she always responds by Monday morning.

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