IPSOS Scehdulers

Hey I don't if this was talked about before, but why does IPSOS schedulers take so long in giving shops. I have sent schedulers emails in advance about a few shops I wanted to add to a route on specific days. If the schedulers do give me the shops it's way past the days I asked for and sometimes on the last day of the shop date range. What gives?

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It depends on the schedulers. Some are more responsive than others. I have no idea why, though. Celeste and Amy are always pretty quick to respond.
I applied for a set of three shops that were to be done starting Monday this past week with the last day being today...a half day but I am cooking all day anyway. I even sent a follow up email to the scheduler on Tuesday saying that part of the open week was already gone. Finally I got the jobs assigned late Wednesday. Fortunately I was able to go on Thursday but this is so unlike this company who are usually more on top of things. I have also noticed that instead of all my scheduler emails coming from a summit scheduling email address I am starting to get emails from an ipsos address. These are for the shopmetrics side. So I am wondering if they are transitioning into in house schedulers.
Well that was fast!

Definitely different schedulers I see. Well now I can plan my week accordingly.
Kim is on her first mini-vacation with her kids in years. She deserves a day or two off every 10 years or so.
No, she schedules in my area but these were the extremely rare shops with a bonus of double the normal fee so these really needed to be done. The bonus had gone up twice already and these shops were in a less desirable part of town, although it turned out great because one had a Superior market in the same lot so instead of reading the newspaper while I waited out my 30 minutes I could go in and buy my cilantro for 33c a bunch and other wonderful deals.
Mine is waiting for someone to offer her a cheaper rate for the leftovers. From experience, it's not going to happen :-). Typically, however, she is a lot more responsive when I email her directly rather than apply on the site.

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@janalou wrote:

I just posted that Ipsos has acquired Maritz. Trying not to panic.

IPSOS did not acquire Martiz. They only acquired Maritz' mystery shopping business. For both firms, mystery shopping is a very small part of their operations.

It depends on the schedulers. Some are more responsive than others. I have no idea why, though. Celeste and Amy are always pretty quick to respond.

It depends on which Amy, there are more than 1.
My experience with Celeste has been tremendous. HazMat Amy, not so much. I told her I was going on a route that’s about 100 miles from me and I could do a shop there that’s been sitting a while. I didn’t hear back from her until after I’d already left on the route...two days later.

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Hazmat Amy is accessible for me, I have her cell phone number and she responds to my texts or calls promptly.
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