IPSOS website down?

Drat. Been trying to report shops for 15 hours.

The site will not upload photos.

Anyone else?

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15 hours????

I did a shop yesterday on the Shop Metrics side, used the app, uploaded photos and submitted the shop in minutes with no problems.
Great. For you...you know I don't use the app!

Going on 20 hours.

I have e-mailed, of course; no response yet.
Don't think I've ever done a SASSIE-side shop for them.

Scheduler got right back to me, I e-mailed her the photos, she put 'em in the report -- all done!

Thank goodness for IPSOS's wonderful schedulers (Summit).
Hey, I have an idea for you: On your smartphone, go into your app store and find Mobi Audit. Download the app. There are instructions on the IPSOS website on how to proceed from there, or your scheduler can walk you through it.

Now I am not saying that you should try to do the whole shop on the app if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but perhaps you could at least use it to get your photos into the report. The app will save them in the report and you can finish it on your home computer later. But I think if you see how easy that app is to use, you will be amazed and will want to try to do the whole report on the app. Just give it a shot, what have you got to lose?
It wasn't possible until yesterday -- I now have an iPhone6. Apps actually WORK on it.

I am actually looking forward to app shopping. I sure dread those hours of reporting, after a long day on the road!
Yeah, well. That's life. Got it, didn't have transportation to a Verizon store, had to wait a couple weeks to catch a ride. Had to combine it with a couple shops to cover the gas -- and still took a loss, as gas was $40.

And that's the nearest Verizon store, LOL.

smiling smiley
Also, steep learning curve -- I keep falling off that danged curve! I'm still struggling with Win10 on this danged new laptop. AND trying to master the new phone concurrently!
Hard on the somewhat limited gray cells that still function.....

smiling smiley
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