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There is a home improvement shop in my area through Ipsos. I'd like to sign up for it, I THINK, but there isn't really any information about what is required. It just says that the scenario is STOCK CABINETS and BLINDS. Can anyone tell me what this shop is like?

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what kind of info do they require from the departments? Is it a scenario or is it just general questions about the department itself?
Also, do you mean you have to make a return?
I did one when they were subbed out. They gave me a specific scenario for both departments. Tons of info to remember, but I only had to purchase something. No return.

I'm thinking that if you do a lot of these, they are easy. If you do one, it's a ton of work to learn the scenarios, etc.
This round requires you wait in the department 5 minutes for help, then go to main aisle wait 5 minutes for help, push the button to get help and wait 5 minutes then walk back to the front, go to customer service to send someone to help, go back to the department and wait 5 minutes. Seems simple but really takes about 1/2 an hour for each of 2 departments. Then the wait in line to purchase, wait 20 minutes then wait in line to return. The assignment also requires you not go the first hour or the last hour they are open (when they would be less busy. I did 4 and the first one was returned. The editor said I attached tbe wrong receipts. I had attached the correct receipts, it was the first of the four, the receipts were stapled together and I attached them at the very same time I knew I had not made a mistake but it ended up being a email to be the editor and then the next morning an email from the scheduler to answer. Unless you had nothing else to do and have a ton of free time wait for bonuses.
mustang...takes about 45 minutes...pays 20....kind of a so-so gig.....one spends about 5-10 minutes ein each of two departments. then makes a purchase...then waits 20 minutes to return the purchase...
I have never had to wait the full potential time for service. This is a good thing, because I have never seen the elusive red button (except at Sonic for unrelated shops...)...

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I will wait until it shows up for more than $20. If it ever does, maybe I'll give it a try!
They'll find your bones in fifty years, next to the red button, still waiting for someone to decide to help you. The whole shop is absurd. @tstewart3, above, is not exaggerating. Wait 5 minutes here, wait 5 minutes there, push the button, go to the desk, wait some more. What are they trying to learn? They already know you can't get any help or they wouldn't write guidelines like that.
And they already know about wait time because management gets a report showing response times to the red button.
And often either the actual hard-wired button or the battery in the wireless button does not work.

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LOL!!! Thank you for the laugh this morning. I have felt the same way at times doing the shops.
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