Second to none

Has anyone used second to none? The only things I'm seeing available is for a grocery store, but it's extremely low pay and little reimbursement for the number of things and details that need to be completed in store.

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I find that to be true of grocery store shops in general, whether it's MarketForce, The Source, or any other MSC.

I found Second to None to be no worse than others. And at least they offered bonuses sometimes! I don't think I did a single grocery shop with them that paid less than $19 plus reimbursement.

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I like them and they pay on time. They have very little in my area, getting a client I like every now and then. I have done maybe 30 shops for them over the past 10 years, The reports are easy and fast. The shops are self assign. I have never gotten a question from an editor or had to contact them because of a problem or to ask about payment.
They used to have my favorite Mediterranean and I did that every Tuesday. I don't see them now.
I also like Second To None a lot. I mainly do their grocery shops. This year, the BASE pay for the grocery shops Clien in my area got a TWO DOLLAR RAISE!! I haven't seen THAT in a while from any MSC!! So in my area, the regular shops start at $11 and reimburse for $5. But like another poster said, they DO bonus!! I have done bonused grocery shops for $23 plus reimbursement for them. And they pay like clockwork the middle of next month. They seem like nice people.
I really like Second to None. They don't have much around my area but the shops I've done are super easy and the reports are just as easy also.
@Mum wrote:

They used to have my favorite Mediterranean and I did that every Tuesday. I don't see them now.

They lost that Mediterranean client and their sub place- which discontinued their msc program. I'm really sad about that because they don't have much else in my area. sad smiley
The pizza client was the main client in my area, and they have been gone for a while. I don't see much with them now.
They just raised the pay for the stores and I figured out the guidelines, everything was in one place but not everything needed to be completed for each shop. Which makes more sense now smiling smiley
They recently picked up a new client in my area. It's for a large nationwide chain restaurant that does breakfast/pancakes. Looks like it's only a one-time shop. They're just checking to see if the happy hour menu is being rolled out properly at the restaurants.
Love this company! I have completed a few shops for them. Guidelines are clear and surveys are free of surprises. They pay as promised. My assignments were not grocery shops. All we need, apparently, is a larger array of clients in everyone's regions.

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