The Shadow Agency: Reimbursements and Pay Statements

I'm only asking here as I've sent two message over the last two weeks to Russell (payment guy at TSA) and haven't gotten a response...

Though I've done countless shops for them over the past several years, I've only just done my first several with reimbursements. When I look at the "pay statements" posted online, there is no note about the reimbursements. Is this normal and will the reimbursement show up in PayPal when I receive payment, even if it's not listed on my pay statements? In other words, I don't know if all is well or if there is an error - which amounts to a good $200.


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Their invoicing system confuses me too. Especially when you have shops in both systems that are paid at the same time. I thought I was $180 off from November and asked for clarification and never got it. After going back through twice it seems the mistake was on my end though.

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Right now, I only have payments coming in through their Shopmetrics side, so it **should** be clear. I see all my shops with the correct payment amounts. I just see zero reference to the reimbursements. I really don't mind whatever system they want to use. I just like to understand it so that I can make sure my bookkeeping matches theirs. Waiting until they pay to be able to rectify any error seems neglectful, especially as payments can come as much as 90 days after the shop.....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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