Is Mritz still scheduling shops?

Just not seeing anything on their map right now, but that might just be my area. Edited to note that I was informed to use email to communicate with staff at this MSC, because their corporate center is we all know, email has never been a strong suit for MaritzCX, although Ipsos fares much better with email communication. However, I have sent 5 email inquiries over the last two weeks, and none have been answered. No telephone callbacks, either.

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They merged with IPSOS.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.
Okay..let's re-phrase....Is MaritzCX (formerly Ipsos) still scheduling shops on which were previously scheduled by MaritzCX alone (e.g. - BIg nationwide Orange Hardware Store shops that require an purchase and return)?
It is Ipsos fromly MaritzCX. I am not find anything on the board nor on Market Force as of April 12,2020. Here in CO we are locked down. JobSlinger is showing Bullseye shop and testing center (They are closed), Presto is showing ATV shops, Gigspot is showing Alto360 shops.
upset with the new job search function ipsos has implemented. Why do they have to make it so difficult?
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