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Can someone please tell me how to sign up on Kinesis? I have been all over their web page from the address that is listed on the MSCs on this site, and I can not find anywhere to sign up with them. Thank you so much for your help.

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To actually get jobs I believe you have to go through KSS — I don’t believe Kinesis have their own schedulers... at least all the jobs I’ve had have went through KSS.
You still have to sign up to be a shopper.

01Happy, are you also signed up with Kern Scheduling?

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I am trying to get some jobs with KSS, and for this one it includes a phone shop through Kinesis. I am not signed up with Kern, but I will sign up with them. Thank you. smiling smiley

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I do not know if things have changed in all the years I have been with Kern but at the time when I joined you could not sign up with Kinesis to get jobs. I was signed with Kern and they advertise jobs with various msc. When i first got an assignment with Kinesis, Kern sent me the instructions to sign up with Kinesis. I actually did a shop with them yesterday,. I was assigned thru Kern.
Super. If you haven't yet, please go to KSS International's SASSIE site to confirm you have completed the shops.
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