Confidential Consumer.

Does anyone know if this company is still in business? It has always been one of my favorite companies to work for.
I think that the restaurants in my area are just beginning to move to phase 2 since we have had many cases of Covid. The positivity rate is just beginning to decline and hopefully will continue.
I have not seen anything since early March,.

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they recently opened some up near me (CT) but i checked today and they're all gone. Not sure if they were just testing out the water
They had a moment where they had a bunch of shops in Florida where I live a few weeks ago ... a flurry of stuff. Otherwise mostly quiet.
I shopped for them last week. Although the location posted a number of shops all of them flew off the board. It was a very interesting shop as the location was having customers order and pay for their meal online at the table. (An automatic tip was applied to every order.) The survey was very well-constructed and every question applied to the new set-up.
Yes, they are. Shops are starting to pop back up in areas where dining is allowed.

They usually don't have a ton of work but they're easy to deal with, the reports are not terrible and they are reliable!
Their Mexican-inspired restaurant client just posted Sept jobs.

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I had a call with the owners of Confidential Consumer last week. 2 of our clients are back, and 2 more are supposed to start in October. Keep checking the job board!
@lcubed3 wrote:

They are not included in the official list of companies below?

They are listed. Their previous name was Phantom Shoppers, which is on the list.
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