ACL delayed replies?

Pre-Covid, ACL may have had reimbursement-only shops and picky editors, but at least the schedulers were usually prompt, responsive, and friendly. In Covid times, I've found that the scheduler, while still always friendly and helpful, now takes many days to reply to the most basic of inquiries (including minor alterations for shop dates which shoppers are encouraged to request if needed). I'm not sure it is a matter of the scheduler workforce being so drastically reduced that they are overwhelmed or if it is now a very part-time person who only checks their emails every few days. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes. It is especially annoying when a scheduler does not respond in a timely manner AND the auto-generated missing/late report emails keep coming.
ACL went from a work force of several hundred to like 10. It is a very hard time for everyone. They are doing their best.
ACL has been answering my questions within 24 hours. I haven't seen a major change in response rates.
My region has a new scheduler and she is much more responsive and timely than her predecessor.
I contacted the scheduler with a question and she responded quickly, only to tell me to use their chat (instead of answering my question). The chat is annoying because I waited for 20 minutes without a response. I asked if they were still there and she said they were waiting for an answer from someone else. An email response from a scheduler would not have wasted my time on chat.

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I also tried out the chat to see if I could be told what a recently approved shop would be approved for. (It was a delivery shop and I wanted to make sure they were using the same guidelines for a tip reimbursement that I used in calculating the tip.) The person claimed they had no idea how much I would be paid for a shop that had been approved but not yet paid. I politely pushed for an answer and finally got one.
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