Schedulers STOP with overnight texts

Geeze folks stop with the can you shop the middle of the night texts...Yes I know I can silence but manners count.

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Just had this discussion with my 19 year old yesterday. It’s their opinion that the texter is not responsible for knowing your sleep schedule. Everyone under 30 texts whenever they need to. Time to adapt.
Schedulers ought not text shoppers about open shops, except in the most unusual of circumstances. E-mail exists for a reason.
The absolute ONLY texts that come at overnight hours are from this scheduler. I do not need to adapt. I can block her just fine.
i know what you mean about manners. We were taught not to call landline numbers before and after certain hours. We have not been taught to observe similar hours with cell phones and texts. Now that we live and work globally, we should find a way to remember that we might be communing with people who live in other time zones or work at jobs with different schedules.

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@CanadaMommy You should put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode for all calls/texts, and only allow certain numbers to reach you in the event of an emergency.
I have not given permission for texts but I can see where someone with a prepaid type plan like mine would be spending lots of money on those texts if they are anything like some schedulers emails that send 20 emails for 20 locations instead of one.
My middle of the night issue is with editors who send an email for a report follow up question in my night with the response necessary before my waking time.
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