Has BestMark gone out of business?

I used to do shops for BestMark all the time, but haven't done any in 1.5 years due to Covid and other items. I've recently been checking their website, but haven't seen any active shops. I live in So California so it's a very populated area. I also checked for shops in the Boston area, but no shops available.

Does anyone know if they have gone out of business?

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No they haven't. I just did a shop for them about 2 weeks ago. I'd send an email with an inquiry about local shops! It's worth a shot!
Signed up on 1/3/21 and haven't seen one shop in 200 miles. Not that I would travel that, just wondering. I think a lot of shops are going or have gone to IPSOS and the bigger marketers.

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They're not very active in my area but I did a shop for them in October. They still send me an occasional offer for a client I'm not interested in shopping.

So yes, they're still in business.
A few years ago I was probably doing 10-12 shops every month for Bestmark. But it has been a year of so since I have seen anything in Michigan.
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