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Does anyone know who I can contact about an over payment at KSS. I contacted a scheduler and told her I was overpaid. She said she would forward my email. It has been 2 days, and I have not heard anything. My paypal still shows the payment. I caught the mistake before accepting the money.I'm sure she forwarded the email, but sometimes there are problems with emails. Any advise as to who I should contact?
Thanks. smiling smiley

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KSS doesn’t pay shoppers as they are just the scheduling service. You need to contact the MSC that provided the shops.

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So, I need to contact the company that I did the shop for? Would I ask for their accounting person, and tell them I mystery shop for their company? I can't do that because they are not supposed to know they are being shopped. Hopefully someone will get my email, and fix it. sad smiley .
Thank you for your advise , MF Johnson. There is something called kinesis that is affiliated with KSS.
Kinesis is a mystery shopping company that assigns their shops through KSS. If they are associated with the shop in question, contact them.

To be clear: DO NOT contact the client.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Thank you MF Johnson. I will look on their website, and see if there is a phone number to call them tomorrow.
No. I should have been paid $22.00, and got a payment for$147.00. I just saw on another thread to contact Lorri Kern because she is responsive,. There is no number to reach Kinesis,. I sent a message to this scheduler. Hoping she gets the email, and responds. That's a pretty big accounting error. There is never a bonus for this shop. It is always the same.
Kinesis does have a number you can call for this - I’ve called it before. I do remember it being hard to find... Try 206-285-2900... it’s on their Facebook page. It’s a small enough company that whoever you reach should be able to direct you..

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Can anyone tell me how to send money back to someone on paypal? I need to send this over payment back, and I do not know how. The money is sitting there. Someone from Kinesis told me to send it back. I asked if they could just take it back, but they want me to send it back. I tried clicking send, and putting in their email address. An amount to send comes up... I did that then it says continue. A thing comes up asking me to click on a credit card. I'm so confused. I have my paypal linked to a bank, and a debit card, but how do I just keep the money in pay pal, and send it? Or do I have to accept it , then transfer it? Then try to link it to the card?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I guess I missed a decimal point on my reimbursement so it looked like $125.00 instead of $1.25. This was my fault. I just want to fix it, and need some help please.
And thank you in advance.
It shouldn't be that hard, but I don't have anything in my PayPal account, so I can't confirm the button-pushing to get to a point where you are stuck....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Hi 01Happy. Does this PayPal article help? [www.paypal.com]?

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Hi Kathleen,

Unfortunately, Kinesis does not work on weekends. The scheduler and I both forwarded your email to them. They are in Seattle and on PST, and it looks like the owner, Kathy, emailed you at 9:30 am her time today to explain how to return the payment. I'm sorry we couldn't get help to you earlier, but we had no way to reach them on the weekend.

If you have not "accepted" the money yet on Paypal, you can just decline it and it will go back to them.

Hope that helps. You can also email kharper@kinesis-cem.com
Lorri and the KSS team are awesome, all the way!

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