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I still haven't received my 1099 from IntelliShop. I've been emailing the company since the end of January. I made several thousand from them. After so many emails, towards the beginning of March, they forwarded my emails to the payments department and CCed me, so I could see. Before that, they just said they were contacting the payment department. Twice since the beginning of March, I again messaged them within the same email chain, saying I still haven't received it. They're not responding to me. Anyone else having the same trouble with them? Can anyone who's had this happen before tell me how you proceeded with doing your taxes without it?

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You don’t need the 1099 to do your taxes if you have good records. You just have to declare the income as a part of your self-employment.

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Were you paid more than $600 in fees from them? If not, they are under no obligation to send you a 1099.
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