I want to try doing a gas station mystery audit. It says i have to download an app and ptice over 100 items. Has anykne fk e these? Is it fairly easy? Also is there a link somewhere yo the top 10 msc according to this site?

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Difficult to answer your question as I have not heard of that shop to apparently price 100 items. I don't see how it could be easy though. On the bottom of this page is a link to "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies". At the top of the list are the 15 most discussed companies. They are not necessarily the best companies but you can read some of the threads to see if you want to apply to them. There are hundreds of companies on the official list. To be successful at this you need to apply to as many as possible. Try applying to a few each day. Good luck. (before posting here it would be helpful to proof read your post so that it makes basic sense)
oh my gosh yes I should have proofread. I'm also a substitute teacher. yikes! Thanks for the info. I did find the link at the bottom.
Try Customer Impact for various pricing audits.

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There is also one from Bare. That one gets a little difficult as it's hard to get that many items in various parts of the store without getting identified. I had to do it over the course of two visits.
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