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The did a slew of shops for Confero that were short and easy. I got 10s for the first few then 8s. I asked the reviewer what happened. She said that they reserve 10s for more difficult shops. I don't know why she originally gave me 10s. I did all of the shops the same, several locations every time they came up. Confero usually solicited me. (They were hard to fill? I did them well?)

The problem with giving higher scores to more difficult shops, which I understand on one level, is that it weighs heavily on a shopper's score when she has two dozen easy shops scored 8. It's nearly impossible to increase one's average unless one does a lot of shops for that MSC, which I didn't, except for those particular ones.

The same reviewer would occasionally give me a 9 or 10. I don't know why. Maybe she felt guilty giving 8s to reports that probably required no editing.

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Confero is one of those companies that RARELY give out a 10. Usually 8s or 9s, so you would be considered doing fine. The bottom line is: you still get the same pay, and as long as you are paid and can keep doing shops for them, don't worry over it. I used to, until I realized that 8s and 9s have no impact on my ability to schedule shops with them, even bonused ones.
I agree with the above comment. At first I also freaked out about my scores. For example, I have done 400 shops for intellishop, and I have received 398 tens and two nines. So when all of my shop started coming back as eights or nine's from confero, I freaked out. Then I realized they just don't give tens very often. And the idea that there are some shops where you cannot get a 10 because they are too easy? That seems bizarre to me, but that's how they work, and, as stated above, it in no way affects pay or the ability to get new shops. My main issue with confero is that they generally don't pay as well as other companies. They are more likely to let a shop go incomplete than to pay a high bonus. I think they negotiate this into their client contracts.
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