Ipsos New opportunities bringing up foreign xxxx shops

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Post deleted. Both MSC and client mentioned by name contrary to Forum guidelines

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I am getting the same thing on all devices. It is obviously a system issue, but I do not see any updates from them on the home page.....yikes!
I read one of the shop's guidelines. There are different scenarios, but one of them is purchase online and return at store. It didn't specify that it had to be a certain store, so perhaps if you have that client's store near you, you could do it so perhaps that's why we see shops for other countries. The guidelines specify a dollar amount of purchase but doesn't mention a fee. I see a lot of different platforms for ordering this client's brand of shoes, including their own website. That being said, I believe the client is the brand of shoes so if that's true, it has been linked with the MSC.

@SoCalMama wrote:

This happens on Shopmetrics for international clients all the time. You just have to filter them out.

I dont think it does, otherwise the replies above wouldnt be as they are, and its never happened to me before,
The only way i can see to fix this is to select each individual shop type which is crazy.
My search parameters are 90 miles from my zip and it brings up shops in japan !!
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