My wife needs a vacation after staying in for 1.5 years , looking for a time share shop company

Any leads on time share shops that are currently working? I gotta get out of town and we are fully vaccinated now, ready to go. TIA

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Try ACL. I didn't see any time shares this time around, but they have decent hotel shops.
Another for Market Approach. I just did one of their timeshare shops and it wasn't bad and it was a good time!
I am seeing a good number of shops at Market Approach and can determine what the reimbursement is but can't see anything regarding the fee. Do we get paid or is it just working for a free couple night stay. That would be fine..... but less ideal than getting paid something to help alleviate travel and the like.
Correct, most of the current Market Approach overnight projects are reimbursement only. They'll cover parking, activity, wifi fees etc but not gas, tolls, or flights. Occasionally there might be a very specific shop (ie Spanish speaker who can go somewhere on an exact date) with a fee. However, the shops are often two or even three nights of free lodging and a very reasonable report, so many shoppers, myself included, would rather get a full vacation than get paid $25 to stay somewhere for one night and fill out a lengthy report. The owner/schedulers are also great about pairing lodging shops with the retail vacation inquiry shops that pay $50 for a very quick and simple scenario. I would suggest making sure you're on their email list, as they explain in great detail what shops are being prioritized for scheduling, which ones need to be done on exact dates, which ones have more flexibility, etc.
We specialize in the vacation ownership industry and work with many of the largest companies.

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We pay VIA ACH ( 2 times per month. Payments are definitely quick!

Our clients tend to do the majority of their shops in the 1st half of the year. If you don’t see much now, we’ll post a huge batch at the end of the year to start off 2022!

Thanks for the kind words mentioned in this thread. We’ve been in the industry for over 19 years! We are VERY loyal to our long time shoppers and due to the popularity of our shops, don’t have to advertise too often on shopper forums. However, we’re always open to working with new shoppers and encourage all great shoppers to apply : )

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