Pickl, is this a mystery shopping company?

I keep getting emails from Pickl. Anyone know anything about it? Has anyone completed any jobs for them? If so, how did it go?

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Wow, I just saw that PICKL is getting a bad rap... Is anyone else using TraxRetailer? On there was when I first saw a buzz about PICKL where all you do is accept to take pictures of products from stores near you - the only downfall is that sometimes they don't have many which is difficult if you want to make this a long term thing.

But being a mom of 3 and being able to tell my kids to go find the product and take some pictures for me while I finish shopping is entertaining for them and kind of easy for me...(I know, terrible mom, keep your comments to yourself)

But anyways, overall, it's a good app to have on your phone because it notifies you $5 tasks around you, but long term? Maybe not unless you're around their headquarters which I think gets MANY but job-wise? Way easier than some jobs people post on here, making me drive 2 hours for a $10 task? Thanks but no, I'll stick to these types of apps better.
I think it is perfectly OK that you get your kids involved with this, but maybe you should somehow pay them for doing it. It could be like a little job for them.

"Evolve thyself and lose all hate...." Orphaned Land
I remember the days of trying to keep my kids occupied in the grocery store, but before I would submit any photo they took to a MSC I would read the documentation closely and make sure they don't require YOU to push the button.

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I think you are definetly going somewhere here, we could even do them in pairs? A competition? Might even make it their allowance...
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