Lifestyle shoppers (fine dining, luxury hotels), what are your favorite MSCs?

Hi all -- I'm relatively new to this, but as someone who spends hours writing reviews on TripAdvisor with nothing to gain but some internet likes, I'm surprised I didn't think to sign up for mystery shopping sooner.

Am on my way to completing my first few restaurant shops with Coyle (woohoo!), and so far so good! Looking forward to getting on their hotel roster in the future. I've also signed up for many, many other MSCs and seems there are a few others that hit the demographic and experiences I'm after (Mercantile, TrueGuest, some of the ACL ones). Would love to hear from this community on what other MSCs I should look into--any thoughts? I really don't care about the fees and am only interested in getting the best experiences I possibly can fully reimbursed smiling smiley

Any other fellow lifestyle shoppers out there? What have been your best shopping experiences so far?

Many thanks!

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Intel360 is a nice option because they allow extra guests (not reimbursed of course), unlike many which limit dining to a party of two. Pre Covid they had some really nice upscale places.
Albatross and International Service Check have quite a few decent high-end Brands and some reimbursement shops.
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